Our mediations are conducted by mediators who are registered with the Attorney Generals Department

Family Dispute Resolution

Separating parents often find it difficult to communicate in a way that is positive, and this can have lasting impacts on the parties, especially if children are involved. At Mediation Success we can offer an affordable quick resolution to parenting issues, which is a child focus individualised session that helps parents to put aside their stronger emotions in the best interests of the children. Getting agreements early can assist parents to put the needs of the children first.

Parenting Plans are often agreed to by parents to minimise the conflict associated with poor communication and disagreement. What works for you as parents is discussed in detail throughout your interaction with Mediation Success.

As registered Family Dispute Practitioners, we can offer section 60I Certificates verifying your attempts to resolve parenting matters through mediation. Click HERE to download the Fact Sheet.

Parenting Focused Sessions

Separating parents often find this time to be extremely emotional, where there are lots of changes to manage as well as the added financial stress a separation can cause. Individual sessions can be tailored to each parent separately to support them to be child focused and make decisions in the best interests of the children. Meeting the needs of the child while dealing with the distress of the relationship breakdown can be a rewarding experience for parents. These sessions can run for 1.5 hours for as little as $120.00. Talk to us today about an individual child-focused session.

Property Settlement

A specific process is used to assist participants to consider their financial position and to identify options for resolution. Success is high using this process because parties feel like they are making informed decisions with regards to their financial separation, and can allow people to move on and begin to make their own financial decisions, independent of their ex-partner. Agreements reached in mediation can be lodged in the Family Court to make them legally binding, this is recommended in cases where waivers of stamp duty can be applied when transferring property in divorce proceedings.

Restraining Order Alternative Resolutions

Principal Mediator Kerri Pietens has worked extensively with applicants and respondents to restraining order proceedings. Diverting participants from lengthy, emotional and expensive court proceedings to a mediation process is often beneficial. A mediation process can allow the parties to repair the relationship to the extent that the dispute can be resolved and have opportunities to reach agreement rather than have a Magistrate make a determination.

Drafting Mediated Agreements

Agreements reached in mediation will be drafted by the mediator to reduce the ongoing costs associated with lawyer’s fees. Once agreed to and signed, the parties can take the agreement to a lawyer to be prepared for the Family or other Court proceedings.

Generalist Mediation Services

Neighbourhood disputes, workplace issues and any other civil proceedings are often best managed within a mediation process, which is cost effective, quick and allows participants to make mutually agreeable decisions, rather than having decisions imposed upon them.

Supervision and Family Dispute Resolution Supervision to become a Registered Practitioner –

Call to enquire about supervision or professional development to improve your practice skills or finalise registration with the Attorney General Department.

We offer a FREE 20 minute session to all clients to discuss if mediation is right for you!


Don’t hesitate to make contact. We offer a FREE 20 minute session to discuss if mediation is right for you