About Mediation Success

Meet Principal Mediator
Kerri Pietens

Principal mediator Kerri Pietens, a Social Science degree graduate, has over 20 years’ experience working in the Social and Community Services in a variety of roles including legal and court-based work, youth services and tenancy and housing.

In 2008, Kerri completed general mediation training while practicing as a mediator, as well as completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Dispute Resolution, becoming a registered Family Dispute Practitioner.

Kerri has also worked extensively in the Magistrates Court diverting parties from adversarial restraining order trials into alternative resolution process.

Having worked in magistrates courts for 13 years and seen firsthand the damage to parties post Family Court proceedings, Kerri is passionate about encouraging participants to maintain control over their own future by engaging in mediation services.

Kerri is registered with the Attorney General’s department to provide Family Dispute Resolution and a member of Resolution Institute.

“I feel privileged that people allow me into their lives in this short, effective intervention known as mediation, to facilitate positive changes for them and their families”.

“Conflict is often a sign of wanting something to change but not having the tools or means to support that change”.

“Mediation provides a safe environment to be able to understand and hear from each other, which is something that may not have happened in a while”.

“I provide a safe place for you to explore what your future can look like; you decide the outcome of that future”.

“Being informed about your options assists you to be able to reach agreements that you feel confident about”.

“No one feels good when they are involved in unresolved, ongoing conflict. Taking steps to manage the disagreement in a positive way is beneficial for everyone’s wellbeing and is an ongoing life skill that will help improve your future relationships”

We offer a FREE 20 minute session to all clients to discuss if mediation is right for you!


Don’t hesitate to make contact. We offer a FREE 20 minute session to discuss if mediation is right for you